Adventure Trip to the Paraguayan Pantanal Swamp
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Unparalleled adventure trip to a remote and unexploited region, far off the civilisational amenities
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Our suggestion for a 11-day adventure trip to the Paraguayan Pantanal swamp region:

- 24-hour travel guide support (German, English, French, Spanish) included -

We will be starting from anywhere in Paraguay, preferrably from our own premises near Villarrica, Guaira, with a half-day bus trip northbound to reach the river port from where we will be pushing on early in the morning of the following day; over-night stay at a typical hotel near the landing pier.
Early in the morning, boarding for a 4-day river trip on a Paraguayan supply boat on the Rio Paraguay heading north (simple cabin/hammocks; plain Paraguayan food on board or any brought food); the river boat will be slowly gliding up the meandering river and stop over at several small trading posts or villages to load and unload passengers, animals and cargo. You may benefit and use these opportunities for short photo excursions. The boat trip will cover several hundred kilometers of river and will be offering unparalleled opportunities for in-depth experiences with the Paraguayan people, the landscape, flora and fauna, the Paraguayan easy-going way of life and their charming mentality.

On our arrival to the very north, the Paraguayan part of the huge Pantanal swamp region the size of Colorado bordering Brasil, we will be awaited by our guide from the research station who will take us in specially designed jon boats or fanboats to the remote Research Station in the heart of the Pantanal swamp.

During our 5-day stay at the small Research Station in the Pantanal we will be cut off from most civilisational amenities, enjoy our Pantanal-style and plain accommodation. Depending on the time of the year, the Research Station can provide single rooms or rooms with two or more beds. The included food will be an adventure, too. The cook will largely depend on the offerings of the season, and you are also welcome to contribute to the meals if you are lucky enough to catch a fish or a even a larger reptile. The trained guides, who are familiar with the Pantanal and its perils, will be accompanying all the daily activities ranging from photo excursions, Pantanal trips, fanboat and jon boat rides, fishing and observation (fishing equipment can be brought or rented).


Once we are back to the nearest Chaco settlement, we will start our return trip on a long-distance bus to Asuncion; on request, we can also offer the return trip in a climatised off-road vehicle to capture even more impressions struggling over hundreds of kilometers of dusty or muddy Chaco trails or add a short detour to the Mennonite colonies in Filadelfia, Neuland and Loma Plata and/or the sites of the Chaco war in the 1930s. It is also possible though to take one of the irregular flight connections.

Trip profile and claims:
This tour has been designed for individual travelers or small groups (up to four travelers). The idea of this individually planned and unique tour is to convey to the traveler unparalleled and unique impressions of untouched flora and fauna, the mentality and the native life of Paraguay far off the common tourist circuits.

This tour requires its participants to be in good physical health and well aware of the limited (or sometimes even non-existant) sanitary and infrastructural conditions in those parts of the world that have so far remained untouched by modern civilisation.

As we will be looking for the native face of Paraguayan life, the amenities of modern civilisation will simply have to step back.

Although you may feel that some conditions are deficient which is understandable in the face of your everyday first world experience back home, the lack of comfort, familiar hygienic standards or the reluctance of the weather conditions, transport means, guides, etc. to comply with our preset schedules and timing are no (!) reason for claims. On the contrary: we also offer high-class packages with 5-star hotels. This adventure trip, however, is intended to lead us to the roots and beyond. Your adventure will start when we set out from our home base, and you can be sure that there will be surprises ahead!

The entire adventure trip is under the usual reserve that we the climatic and/or political conditions are favorable and secure.

We, therefore, expressly reserve the right to changes and modifications that become necessary or advisable for the safety of the traveler. In such a case, the guest is entitled to a refund of the travel price after the deduction of any costs incurred.

On the other hand, our guests are not entitled to refunds if the climatic conditions in the Pantanal region or Acts of God do not allow the traveler to benefit from all program or leisure opportunities as planned.

On booking and before starting the trip, the guest shall declare (in writing) to be fully aware of the increased risks and hazards due to climatic effects, the kind of transport means used, dangerous animals and plants that may be encountered during this trip that is clearly characterised by the intention to move into uninhabited and virgin regions, as well as assume the sole responsibility for his/her actions and well-being.

Travel price: (on enquiry; depending on the number of persons, groups limited to four persons)

Please do not hesitate to indicate your specific interests so that we can tailor the tour to your personal preferences.
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